For Halloween this year, I had decided Dylan and I would be deer. I had done the makeup before five years ago so I knew it was relatively simple and bought the necessary things because I had thrown out my old makeup two years ago. I bought the stuff three weeks ago and left it untouched in it’s open box to prevent it from becoming contaminated. After carefully bringing it up to my room and 30 minutes of attempting to do my makeup I realized I no longer could because of the insane tremor my medication has given me. It seems stupid but because I can barely do anything else, I was really looking forward to being able to at least dress up. Now I feel dirty from moving my stuff around and stuff being out on my desk because I can see every little speck and I don’t know if it is makeup or something else and my brain will tell me for the rest of the day that it’s 100% not makeup. My hands feel sticky just because I “think” they are from touching my keyboard. I clean this desk multiple times a day but it is still one of my biggest triggers as it is white but constantly has something on it likely because of my cats. Regardless of how the day turned out, alcohol will always solve the problem.


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