For Dylan’s birthday we rented and air bnb in fort brag and we booked it months ago. I had been stressing about it every since we booked it but obviously I had to go because it’s his birthday. When we showed up all I could pin point was a stain here, a spec there, a random eyelash on the ground, etc. I sat down on the bed and noticed a small blood stain on the pillow. Obviously all I’m going to think about is that there are bed bugs even thought there isn’t any evidence of them. It’s all I’ve thought about since we got here and it’s been two days now. If that wasn’t there I wouldn’t be stressed about every single spec I see in the bed but I am and I don’t know how to think about anything else. Dylan won’t even for a second let me think it’s bed bugs as if the first sign of bed bugs isn’t blood. I already know I’m washing everything when I get home but what about our phones? And other things that can’t be washed. Bed bugs climb inside whatever they can and the thought of ever having them in my home makes me so fucking stressed. We leave in the morning so only a little bit longer. It’s so hard to watch Dylan sit here so happily while I’m internally screaming.

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