I went for a drive today and everything was fine until I decided to roll down my window. Whenever I do roll down my window I keep my finger on the button so I can quickly roll it up if I see trash or a puddle cause fuck no am I letting that in my car. Anyway I went around a blind turn and someone was going the opposite direction and before I could roll up my window I got a face full of street water. I did just come home and shower but still, it’s the little things that add up because I couldn’t sit on my couch like I normally do when I get home because I had to go straight to the shower. Then I got out and decided my sweatshirt on my desk that was washed this morning was now dirty so it’s back on the floor, to be washed for the fifth time before I’ve even worn it. I decided to work on my class but the moment I sat down I noticed something on my desk, I’m not sure what it is but I definitely don’t like it. I covered it with a pair of shorts but as I have been sitting here for the last few hours I feel like it is seeping out from under the shorts and onto me so the longer I sit here the dirtier I get. I buy all white furniture so I can see what’s on it but that’s my downfall as there is ALWAYS something on it because of the cats. Only good thing today is I finally went to the gym again and an old man asked me if I could hear out my airpods because they were wireless so that was interesting lol.

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