I think like two weeks ago I thought there was something on my hand and then I touched a section of my closet so since then I have thought that area was dirty and I haven’t gone near it. Today there was some clothes in the hallway so I thought Dylan had moved the clothes and cleaned the shelf. It’s been several hours and I’ve gone about my night but i just realized that I was wrong and the clothes were not from the shelf which means it wasn’t cleaned. I have taken a towel from that shelf and used it and now I feel dirty. This whole time I didn’t think I was dirty because ignorance is bliss right. It reminds me of when I went to Hawaii and I had a pretty okay trip and then right before we flew home my step mom used a gas station bathroom. Not only did she touch me after that but it made me wonder if she had used one before we got there and then the cross contamination ruined everything. I had bought a ukulele and then never could touch it again. I feel so fine until I find out something could have been dirty even though for the last few hours I was fine and now I’m not. Dylan’s playing video games so I haven’t told him yet so I decided to write it down because I’m internally freaking out.


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