I’ve noticed I’ve started counting rituals? It’s never been a problem before but now I’ve realized when I try to leave the bathroom after a shower I have to count to three before I exit. Another one is when I wash my hands and arms. When I’m done I will kinds hover my hands in the sink and count to ten, then slowly take them out and that eases the anxiety. I don’t think in the past I’ve ever had counting rituals so that was interesting to think about. Also for some reason when I’m trying to complete a compulsion I need it to be absolutely silent. I will stand in the bathroom for 20 minutes waiting for my family to stop talking so I can exit. If Dylan walks by the room and says something I have to start again. It’s like when you’re in the car and you turn down your music to see better, I turn down the noise to feel better. I genuinely get angry the more noise I hear, especially when I’m in the shower because I have to repeat and repeat again and again even if I just hear the water running from the kitchen. Sound is so sensitive and I hate it.


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