I fucked up today. I tried to workout in my room and then I was just gonna use my shirt to get out the door. Not even 2 minutes in to working out there was something on my hand. I couldn’t let it go so I left the room using my hand and not my shirt because I felt it would seep through. I went downstairs and showered and just said okay Ill open the door with my foot and Dylan can clean it later. But in order for this to happen I had to sacrifice my after shower washing routine for my arms because I wasn’t going to be able to leave the room again. I pushed through and did it but two seconds till finally being ready and just sit at my desk, I noticed something on my sweater. I don’t know what it was but after sitting there for a couple minutes I said fuck it and went back to the bathroom where I unsuccessfully didn’t complete my routine because I was all over the place mentally. Well now I’m back and all I can think about is that I touched the sink when washing my hands. If it’s not one thing it’s always the next, never free.

5 thoughts on “4/11

      1. Hi Jenny no I haven’t emailed it yet. I went back and forth wondering if I should because its a little personal. But I decided to go ahead and do it lol. 😁 Soon as I get home I will send it.


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