The more I think about the wedding the more stressed I’m getting. I should be worrying about if everyone’s gonna be there, what the flowers look like, etc. but instead I’m worrying only about roaches. Because I saw that one when we went I can stop thinking that something is going to happen. I have to bring home a bunch of boxes of decor in cardboard boxes (which they love) and it’ll be dark and rushing so I’m not going to be able to examine every piece I’m putting in my car. I have to take the arch with me too and it’s make out of tubing like they could just be chilling in there. Like what a way to start our marriage by potentially bringing roaches into our home. God I can’t stand it and like my dress is long, it’s gonna drag all over the ground, it could literally have one crawl up it. I chose this venue because I thought it wouldn’t have this problem and most people would say oh seeing one dead one outside is fine and I’m like the whole god damn wedding is outside. I’m just stressed to the max rn.


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