This is gonna be kind of random but I was just thinking about it. I know that most people don’t understand my ocd, why would you when you don’t have it right. So I get it and it doesn’t bother me. That is until someone tries to tell me it’s not real. My ex for … Continue reading 6/1



I hate that I want to drink more water to be healthier but the idea of having to go into the bathroom any more times than I do now is so exhausting. This is what a usual bathroom routine is: go into the bathroom with my arms against my chest, shut the door with my … Continue reading 5/27


I hate looking back at old pictures or videos because all it does is remind me of what I no longer can do and what I’ve lost. I felt like back then I could barely do anything and had to miss out on a lot of experiences because of my ocd but I definitely didn’t … Continue reading 5/17


This last year I thought I was making progress at least a little bit. It’s been so long since I’ve been at the apartment that I felt like that part of my life was done. I was exposed again to roaches and I’m spiraling. I thought I was okay and now I feel like I … Continue reading 5/13


The other day I had a really bad issue with my ocd but I don’t even want to write it down cause I’d rather not think about it but it’s led me to be extra stressed lately. For my shower today I needed a new loofa and I store them in my nightstand with my … Continue reading 5/12


The more I think about the wedding the more stressed I’m getting. I should be worrying about if everyone’s gonna be there, what the flowers look like, etc. but instead I’m worrying only about roaches. Because I saw that one when we went I can stop thinking that something is going to happen. I have … Continue reading 5/8


I did two things for my wedding yesterday and the day before and going out of the house for appointments really stresses out my ocd so I took today to just sleep. It worries me that this last year I have slept for days on end on many occasions and I’m terrified what having a … Continue reading 5/4


Well I made Dylan clean everything so that’s done with lol. Anyway I’ve been thinking about how a lot of people know I have ocd but I still pretend I don’t when I’m around other people. If I or someone else touches something dirty and it can’t immediately be fixed I just pretend it didn’t … Continue reading 4/26


I have this green metal thing under my desk that has three levels, the bottom two are already dirty because my feet touch it but the top one was clean, emphasis on was. It holds all my hair care, skin care, makeup etc. I decided to go through it and organize it two days ago … Continue reading 4/26