I'm sitting at my desk right now and I noticed something on my mirror which is to the left of me. I have now sat here for twenty minutes holding my hand and arm out to see if I might have touched it or will touch it. I now have to wait 5 hours till … Continue reading 2/10


I went for a drive today and everything was fine until I decided to roll down my window. Whenever I do roll down my window I keep my finger on the button so I can quickly roll it up if I see trash or a puddle cause fuck no am I letting that in my … Continue reading 2/5


I’m not sure if this is actually ocd related but I have heard that being hyper aware of your breathing is so this might be too. For as long as I can remember, even when I was a kid I’ve been hyper aware of my arteries or just places you don’t want to get cut. … Continue reading 2/4



I have a lot on my mind today. One of the main things about OCD is you have to fight the compulsions because if you give in to them it tells your brain that you actually needed to do that in order to feel better, but that only gets more and more every time. For … Continue reading 2/2


You know it’s so lonely when you really think about it. People may share the same disorder but your intrusive thoughts are you’re own and affect you different than they would someone else. I’ve had this disorder for like 12 years now and I’m so alone. Nobody wants me to talk about it or hear … Continue reading Lonely

Throwing up

I also started a new medication like three weeks back and it didn’t occur to me till today that it’s what’s been making me sick. Especially at night, I have the overwhelming desire to throw up, like saliva building in your throat and pain right at your chest. I usually just take deep breaths and … Continue reading Throwing up