Weirdly enough, something happened today but I don’t feel as stressed as I normally would. Dylan dumped out laundry on our bed and in the laundry was shoes we had just washed. I don’t like shoes regardless if they’ve been washed but one shoe had a specific brown patch on the bottom. It bothered me to the point I thought everything in my room was now dirty after I got dressed with those clothes from the pile. We ended up leaving and going for a walk and when we came back I just pretended it didn’t happen and I’m hoping when I wake up tomorrow I won’t be in freak out mode from not stressing about it today. That’s usually what happens in these situations, I think I’m okay then next day anything and everything is now contaminated and it takes hours to get it back to normal. Sucks too that I can’t take my medication tonight because dylan went to sleep already and he’s the one that brings the pills to me because the container is dirty. Oh well, try again in the morning I guess. I’ve also been taking less than normal because the side effects have me messed up, but that’s a post for another day.


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