I have so many distinct memories from high school involving my OCD. For the most part people didn’t know of my disorder or at least that I’m aware of so I kept it hidden pretty well. I remember we had a lockdown because there was a shooter nearby and after I wanna say like 6 hours they finally let us walk down the hall to use the restroom. Now I had to go pretty bad but normally I would only use the office bathroom which wasn’t an option so I went anyway. I remember thinking I was going as fast as my OCD would let me but next thing you know everyone had left the bathroom and even the man with the gun protecting us left too. I genuinely don’t think I took that long but obviously I guess I did. Another memory I have of is at a football game, I would sometimes drink before going which usually calmed down my OCD symptoms. Anyway I had to use the bathroom so because of the alcohol I was able to use the bathroom by the field but two seconds after entering the stall I dropped my phone into the toilet. Anybody would freak out about this but me? I did the only thing I could thinking of and pulled it out and immediately started washing it in the sink with soap and water. I remember all the people in line looking at me like I was crazy because water resistant or water proof phone’s definitely didn’t exist back then. Anyway I washed it and myself then left and put it on rice for a couple days. I did end up continuing to use the phone but only after wiping it down many times and constantly thinking about the water still being it it. Thankfully my phone currently is “water resistant” because I was it multiple times a day in the sink anyway. I think my OCD is definitely worse right now that I don’t think I’d even think of fishing my phone out of any toilet let alone a public one.


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